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Global structure and understanding of dual USB car chargerDec 12, 2016

Global of car charger double USB, referred to double USB car filling, this is a industry of specifically saying, this products not only quality good, and also is people journey in the of partner, with technology of developed, products update also increasingly fast, yiqian of car filling (regardless of is single USB car filling, also is double USB car filling) are is exists a is narrow of problem, is no approach in car Shang using, and volume is big, not convenient carry, charging speed slow not said, and quality also bad, but now different has, Not only has single USB car from, and also has double USB car filling, in addition also has 3USB car filling, are said phone update too fast (Apple phone, and Samsung phone, and millet phone, and the other brand of phone), now seems, charger of update speed also more Shang top, believes 4USB car filling, 5USB car filling are has is released has, certainly this just little of market progress, now of double USB car filling, a a mouth can filling IPAD, a a mouth can filling P1000, Not only to people life brings has convenient, and also more of using, believes in soon, also will out more advanced of products, like volume more small, charging speed faster, also can has switch, can wants to filling what of phone, and what brand of phone and various performance of phone are can a filling nodded solution, this is not impossible, but problem is now charger market chaos, various garbage, since volume no guarantee of products are in market Shang flow, blinded has customer and people of eyes, these products price very low, Also result in market confusion, what is the result of? Fried machine, burned phone, and phone also sent hot, more terrorist of also caused has many bad of things occurred, news among often broadcast to, actually people of heart are should turn about, don't corruption cheap to buy what guarantees are no of charger, also don't blind of to see price, found for himself products of while, also to see clear manufacturers, most main of thing to buy to affordable of charger.