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How to distinguish intelligent charger qualityDec 12, 2016

1, work performance. Different batteries have different charging requirements, main charger are charging, charge current, charge voltage parameters.
(1) charging method: the charger provided is based on the constant current or constant voltage to charge the battery. The current widespread use of lithium-ion batteries, charger's charge should be limited
Current and voltage, that is, to limit current to limit the charging voltage to the battery automatically converted to constant-voltage charging.
(2) charging current: stipulating the maximum output current of the charger. Charging current of the battery capacity should be applied and match the size, should generally be less than 1C5A.
(3) charge voltage: stipulating the maximum output voltage of the charger. Charging voltage depends on the battery's charge limiting voltage nominal voltage when charging the lithium-ion battery 3.6V requires the highest voltage of the charger output is generally 4.2V (in fact, the mobile phone is equipped with lithium-ion battery protection device, therefore the charger output voltage slightly higher than 4.2V, but in order to ensure the safety
2, safety requirements. Popular terms called for the product structure, mechanical and electrical properties should comply with certain security requirements, regardless of the product in a normal working condition or exception