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Mobile phone charger functionDec 12, 2016

•Capacity balance intelligently distinguish battery sufficient;
• To ensure sufficient battery under the premise, can reduce the possibility of temperature and gas inside the charging process of the battery, prolong the battery charge/discharge cycle life;
• High Brightness LED indicates charging machine operating status;
• Display battery voltage, supply voltage, charging current, capacity, time and other parameters, fault code display fault contents;
• Open circuit, then the fault protection and alarm functions;
• Overload and short circuit protection and alarm functions;
• Transformer overheating, modules, fault protection and over-temperature alarm function;
• With automatic detection, delay start, soft start function;
• With manual or automatic equalizing charging function, ensure the consistency of monomer capacity battery;
• Automatic initial charge functions;
• Desulphurization and charging functions;
• Charging unplug the plug charger automatically shut in the middle.