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On the charger in the SEO promotion source and methodDec 12, 2016

So many small unit system of network marketing how to integrate it? We come from the following aspects:
First, the principle of effect is the fastest, that effect is usually using third-party platforms to do promotion and marketing.
Second, the principles of stability, stable effect can more easily control their own most of the results page.
Third, the principle of lowest cost, what type of low cost, most is website to build your own precision flow through marketing promotion activities.
Finally, most widely promoting principles breadth depends on the majority of traffic to the site to direct traffic.
Has has four a basic of principles, we on to selected for we himself products of marketing system programme, but promotion of specific way does? phone charger industry is best of promotion industry, first we look Baidu for promotion platform, because Baidu is now China user experience degrees best is highest of platform, so according to Baidu above of background knowledge is can for promotion of a method, as some keywords (car charger, business travel charger), again is some weight compared high of blog, Forum is also a promotional platform, coupled with industry brand keywords or charger, the best method is the B2B third party platforms.