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Precautions during use of the car chargerNov 30, 2018

The car charger uses a car cigarette lighter as a power outlet to directly charge the phone. Since the voltage provided by the car is low, only the overload protection circuit is needed inside the car charger. The front end of the car charger socket is designed with a fuse. When the current exceeds the overload protection circuit, the fuse is immediately blown and protects. Note: It must be charged when the car engine is started! Regarding the car charger, there are the following precautions:

1. Do not use the car charger in a humid environment.

2. Do not store the car charger in a humid environment.

3, the appropriate temperature for use is 0-45 ° C

4, away from children

5, avoid lightning strikes

6, plug in the plug in time to complete the charge

Therefore, for safety reasons, we must purchase regular brands, buy genuine products, and inferior products are prone to security risks. The car charger is also divided into two types: direct charge and seat charge. You can choose to buy the charger, that is, remove the battery and charge it to avoid the phenomenon that the battery power supply is unstable due to the instability of the vehicle power supply and the peak of the voltage output is high. The battery is burned to reduce the loss. There are a variety of car chargers available on the market. If you choose online shopping, you must go to the regular website to buy.