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The basics of single USB car chargerDec 12, 2016

Single USB car charger, referred to a single USB car charger, in real life, not the work of professional people it is difficult to know just what is USB, what is the car charger, the technical term for these very briefly, we enjoy today, hoping to give some brother amateur knowledge about mobile phone charger.
Single USB car charger is phone charger of a minimum of classification, General of phone charger can is divided into hotel charger, car charger, wall type charger, line type charger, and single USB car filling just course of a small class, also has many other of classification, as appearance not as, can is divided into pulled ring car filling, mini car filling, lipstick car filling,, from commodity of function not as, also can is divided into single USB griphook car filling, double USB mini car filling, Griffin car filling, black Berry car filling and so on, From the argument touches planning can also be divided into 5V1A car charger, 5V1.5A USB car charger, 5V2.1A universal car charger ... ... ... and so on, many classification, suppose you want to put these commodity segments, can be said to be invaluable.
This single USB car charger, brand: TXRICH, type TX-019, and saying: griphook car charger, the parameter 5V1A, the appearance of a delicate, easy to carry, and fewer components than the average mobile phone chargers 1 time, so carry, not afraid of stance and weight.