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The factors affecting the cell phone charging slowDec 12, 2016

1. charging heads being selected on
In order to charge a cell phone, charging must be the first, greater output current charge faster.
2. the data cables are too messy
After recharge mobile phone charger is pulling cable and casual with such action method so that the line will be very dirty or too messy result in cable damage
3. charging temperature is not suitable
Mobile phone charging temperature should not be too high, burns too high a temperature will make the mobile phone battery.
4. charging port for dust
Phone's regular cleaning is necessary, if the dust will charge through, affect the charging rate does not say, and may keep the cell phone is not charging. If you are too lazy to clean up, the best is to bring dust.
5. charging and data cable optional matching
Recently bought phone, Plug and charging cable can not find it. It doesn't matter, anyway, the interface is the same, you'll use a charging and data cable is good. Really like this? Do you have a note plug the output current? While the voltage is 5V, but there are 0.45A, 0.6A, 0.65A, 0.8A, 1.0A, different models until 2A charger output current less and charging more slowly. Don't assume that all USB data cable are identical, they support current is not the same. So, charging and data cable must not mix well.