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When Apple purchased dual USB car charger, how would you pickDec 12, 2016

1, please choose standard licensed importers we have to buy the standard manufacturers guarantee after sale of the product, do not buy and use of three products, otherwise the quality of nowhere, it is too late. Acquisitions Please recognize is printed in Chinese that the mainstream, because the English Pack first sold in foreign markets, at home is not a warranty.
2, and understand primary parameter in principle just charger see nominal of voltage and to charging of equipment with on can charging, but charger of power is a very important of technology parameter, assumed with small power of charger to power equipment charging will constitute small power of charger for overheating and was burned (as IPOD of charger absolute cannot to IPAD charging), best select power for 1 a, or 2 a, of charger.
3, and only selected on of not selected your of car inverse variable device despite can will 12V power inverse into 220V of Exchange electric, but cost high, and using power equipment Shi on car will has effect, and car charger or conversion device is will 12V of DC electric conversion into 5-20V of DC electric, power small, safety high, quotes also sale many, thus assumed in car in using of electrical not is special addition words with car charger or conversion device on can satisfaction most owners of need.
4, safe and very important circuit design should contain over-voltage, over-current, overheating and short-circuit protection, more useful to protect your electronic equipment casing to use ABS flame retardancy environmental information, both beautiful and safe.