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Why car charger become mouth babyDec 12, 2016

1, fashion: for the owner of the high-end spending group, snazzy car charger also focused on by the producers. The general use of ABS material
Selected piano paint technology, not only beautifully stylish, the handle is also very good.
2, safety: TXRICH wholesale car charger check the security features, and an insurance company guarantee, which strongly guarantee application
Functions of safety and consumer interests.
3, versatility: car charger is equipped with American and British regulations, aogui and EU four AC charge adaptor; car charger, charger, USB charging
One charge under different conditions are met; dual USB output interface can be considered multiple charging electronics.
4, portability: portability is currently a trend in electronics, together with the technology selection car charger folding plan, merchandise
Product concentration is very small, carry extreme convenience.