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Why would cell phone charger no-load power consumptionDec 12, 2016

Power socket on the charger out, although the charger does not switch on appliances, but charger internal circuit board are General Electric, still in working condition. The job State, will still consume some power.
"Such as the TV, turn it off, but do not plug in, press the remote control buttons there are responses. This shows the TV in standby mode, and is part of the circuit board inside or at work. "
Five, expert advice:
Electrical power for good habits in life, we often encounter such a situation: mobile phone charger not to "deadline" will come to an end, mobile phone battery life decrease. Why is that? It turns out that electrical load for a long time, to some extent, affect the service life of the appliance. Experts, the appliance has a "keep alive" parameters, appliance over time plugged into an electrical outlet and resilient and that the use of electrical appliances will be greatly reduced. Both in terms of saving electricity is speaking from the maintenance of electrical, electrical appliances after use or after charging is completed, you should turn off the power. He suggested, in the use of electrical appliances to energy-saving awareness, develop good habits of electricity.