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Buy Car Charger Should Note The Following PointsDec 12, 2016

1, understand car charger automatic protection function
Car charger with overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuit protection function, shell is the best adoption of ABS flame-retardant material, both to prevent burning and beautiful, hands without leaving fingerprints.
2, pay attention to the voltage and current
When choosing a car charger, pay attention to the equipment voltage and current, such as the iPhone is 5V/1A, tablets, mobile power supply is 5v/2A. Dual car charger USB interface if at the same time to recharge mobile phones and tablet computers, then the total current must be at least 3 a car charger or above, otherwise the charge speed not only fell sharply, and excessive heat or even filled with bad equipment.
3, choose a reliable brand
Reliable brand quality is guaranteed, safe to use, this believe that it goes without saying. Although prices are generally more expensive than inferior car charger, but if cheap, quality problems, surely it is nowhere.
4, select the multifunctional car charger
Car charger is usually placed in the cigarette lighter, if you smoke, or buy a car charger cigarette lighter function.