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Car Charger How Can I Use ItDec 12, 2016

Step one: cigarette lighter
On cigarette lighter in the vehicle, insert the USB plug, through the standard excuse USB output DC voltage.
Step two, check
Check current electronic products, electronic design parameters such as spot in full compliance with the product specifications.
Step three: use of the environment
The right temperature is 0-45 to use away from children and to avoid lightning strikes, recharge in time to pull the plug, connection will result in damage to the electronics for a long time.
Step four, access
Connect USB data cable for mobile power supply charge PSp MP3 small speakers and other electronic products.
Step five, to buy genuine
Inferior products are prone to security risks. Car charger direct charge and charger in two ways. You can choose to buy the charger, remove the battery charging to avoid vehicle power supply instability and reduce losses.Back