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Difference Between Mobile Phone USB Charger And ChargerDec 12, 2016

On lithium ion battery charging requirements (GB/T18287 2000 specification): first constant flow charging, that current must, and battery voltage with charging process gradually increased, dang battery end voltage reached 4.2V (4.1V), modified constant flow charging for constant pressure charging, that voltage must, current according to electric core of saturated degree, with charging process of continues to gradually reduced, dang reduced to 0.01C Shi, think charging terminated. (C is the battery nominal capacity of T1 according to current model, such as the capacity of the battery is 1000mAh, 1C is the charging current of 1000mA, attention is not mAh,0.01C mA is 10mA. ) Why 0.01C for the end of charging: this is required by the national standard GB/T18287-2000, and discussions.
Previously common to 20mA for end YD/T998-1999 telecommunications industry standards is also provided that, however great the battery capacity, stop current is 20mA. National standard 0.01C to charge full, good for manufacturers through the identification of a party.
In addition, national standard charging time up to 8 hours, that is, even if it has not reached the 0.01C,8 hours to, also believes that recharging is completed. (Quality didn't problem of battery, are should in 8 hours within reached 0.01C, quality bad of battery,, down also no meaning) lithium ion or lithium polymer battery of best charging rate for 1 c, this means with a 1000 mAh of battery to to 1000mA of current into; line fast charging, to this rate charging can achieved shortest of charging time, and not reduced battery of performance and the shortened using life. For increasing capacity of battery pack to achieve this satisfaction of charging rate, increase charge current value is inevitable.