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Does The Long-term Use Of The Car Charger Affect The Car?Nov 24, 2018

Before we learned that long-term use of car chargers will damage the phone, this is a problem that many car owners are very concerned about. With the more frequent use of car chargers in life, people are worried about the long-term use of car chargers. It has an impact on the car.

car charger

The car charger is a charger for the car. It can guarantee the charging life of mobile phones and other electronic devices while driving. The main working principle of the car charger is to charge the car battery (the car voltage is 12v, the truck voltage is 24v). ) It is transmitted to the mobile phone (voltage 5v) and other devices that need to be charged by the car charger, and the general car can be used normally.

However, due to the variety of car chargers, the low-quality and low-quality car charging circuit has many hidden dangers. For the lack of protection function of the circuit, if the buck and current limiting circuit fails, it will cause 12 volts to directly enter the mobile phone. It will burn out the phone, but it has little effect on the car. In general, the long-term use of the car charger is almost no damage to the car, as long as it does not exceed the range of its power, and do not use only the battery to charge, it will not cause any damage to the car. At the same time, when choosing the car charger, we must choose the professional car charger manufacturer to produce the quality, which is the best for the consumers and the car.