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Dual-purpose In Car Charger With Safety HammerMar 13, 2017

Nowadays we step into an automobile era. With improvement of quality of life, cars have already become a necessity of most people’s daily life.

As we know, each car would equip with both safety hammer for emergency use and a charger for charging mobile during a long trip. While for better user-friendly experience, Runray combines two functions into one single unit--that is Car Charger with Safety hammer, which can not only charge mobile phone, but also can be used as a emergency hammer.

In order to meet more people’s demand, Runray has designed 22 different kinds of appearance for car charger for selecting. Patent for appearance design, utility patent and CE, ROHS, FCC Certificates have already been achi


1.   In addition to safety hammer’s design, Runray who aims to make “no heat” charger adopts synchronous rectification technology. Power conversion efficiency is up to 94% which is the highest on the market.


2. Each car charger—a green pro-environment product adopts high temperature resistant metal material, which makes it fireproofing and inflaming retarding.

And shock absorber function is added into the car charger so as to avoid bad contact caused by vibration of the car. 



3.Equipped with dual USB output, car charger automatically identifies each charging devices and then input the most appropriate current to shorten the charging time. 


If you are considering safe item, good quality, short charging time, optional appearance design, Runray car charger with safety hammer would be a good choice for you.