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Fidget Spinner & Fidget ToysJul 06, 2017

      Sometimes we get bored and when we get bored we tend to fidget, but while we don’t think that we’re bothering anybody when we do so, the reality is that fidgeting can really tick others off – and you’ll know because you’ve probably been subject to it! Think about the person who taps the table or clicks their pen relentlessly. Annoying, isn’t it? Or perhaps fidgeting has a more negative personal impact on you, such as nail-biting. Whatever your issue is, the great news is that it can be fixed.

      Fidget spinners, also known as finger spinners, are a brand new toy especially designed to help you stop fidgeting. So what are they and how do they help? They are little toys that fit neatly in your hand to spin around back and forth. Spinning them becomes really addictive and fun, but even better is that they’re quiet too – perfect for playing with in the office and maybe even a boardroom meeting. Aside from combating boredom, fidget spinners can help to improve concentrations too according to some anecdotal evidence.


    Admittedly, finger spinners do look a little bit weird when you first see them, and somebody unknown to them would probably find it even more bizarre when you told them that, beyond fiddling, they don’t really have any other purpose. All of that changes once they have their first couple of spins with a fidget spinner, as they see just how long they can get them to spin for. There have been many office toys and de-stressers over the years, so in that regard, finger spinners are there to scratch a long-standing itch.

Fidget Spinner Benefits

    As we briefly said earlier, fidget spinners are also brilliant for those who have habits that they are desperate to kick. Biting your nails is one of the most unhygienic things that somebody can do, but playing with a finger spinner will reduce your urge to do so.

    Finger spinners, like stress balls of days gone by, are also great if you just want to release tension that has been mounting over minutes and hours. Moreover, perhaps you are eating too much or smoking too much. Instead of using your short breaks in the office to do either, why not just sit around and play with your finger spinner? It’s much more satisfying and you’ll be pleased you did in the long run.