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Of Speeding Up Phone Charging MethodsDec 12, 2016

Many people will feel slow charging during charging, especially when anxious, what to do at this time? Method is very simple, with Yuhan technical staff take you find the answer.
As we all know, before batteries relatively fast 80% belonging to speed rush, 80%-100% (estimate) belonging to the saturated red, relatively slow. If you want to speed up the charging speed, XING Rui technology technician recommends that you: charging turn off unused background programs, whereas charges will certainly slow.
Data cables and Chargers to match, we should also choose like XING technology product compulsory certification of vendors, computer charging be sure to note that computer u current, is not up to the standard charger, charging because it sure is slow.
Charging issue is a very important question, do not think that fast charge is good, mobile phone charging slowly, nothing, suggested later recharging the battery is activated by the way such batteries have no memory.
Activate the battery method:
1, using an AC outlet and battery charging 100% to shutdowns, then filling in shutdown mode to the green light.
2, boot into recover mode advanced mode, select wipe Battery, clear traces of batteries.
3, boot to 100% so that your battery has no memory, charging will be a lot faster