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Teach You How To Use And Select Car ChargersDec 12, 2016

1. don't insert before the car is started, so as to avoid vehicle damage starts when the voltage charger;
2. do not use chemical cleaning products, cleaning agents, such as car chargers, such practice is very dangerous; in the course of using, be careful not to water or prolonged exposure to moist air when not in the last vehicle after stalling the car charger should be unplugged. Thunderstorm in the summer and hot weather, should be suspended using the car charger.
Selling car charger, make sure to note if the overload protection feature, this is very important. Because once you have overload protection case, decrease the life span of the charger, and also greatly increases your chances of risk. Another thing is its materials are not fire-safe APS material. If the charger does not reach, ignition instantly easy to be penetrated by strong currents. Coupled with poor quality car charger poor flame retardant properties, when a component fails, it cannot limit the flame inside the shell, and because of the interior decoration is mainly leather, plastics, and textiles and other flammable materials, car charger ignited by spontaneous combustion may cause the vehicle to be. Then when choosing a car charger, try to select an output current of 1A above, or may be in use in the process of charging will keep up with consumption, resulting in less as fully as possible. Therefore, we need regular manufacturers through the certification of the product, do not buy and use three products, otherwise the quality of nowhere. Particularly cheap to buy 20 bucks the following brands, currently the leading brands of car charger is priced at about 20-100, the purchase, remember that buying marked with the mark licensed in Chinese.