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The Car Charger Is Charging Slowly, What Should I Do If I Don't Charge?Nov 30, 2018

There are often a lot of car owners who reflect that their car charger feels very slow when charging. The charging efficiency is too low. I don't know what the reason is. Some car chargers don't last long, but why is this happening? Next, let me answer some questions about why some car chargers are slow to charge?

First of all, the car's cigarette lighter is a key point to pay attention to. Many car owners often use the car charger to pull out the car charger directly. They do not cover the car's cigarette lighter. It will lead to the car's cigarette lighter in the long run. Wear and erosion occur, resulting in poor contact between the car charger and the cigarette lighter, which affects the charging.

Secondly, after many times of plugging and unplugging, the hardware components of the plug of the car charger are subject to large wear and tear, and some even have a drop in the elasticity of the plug, which causes the plug to be in close contact with the cigarette lighter. This is a big problem. The cause of this problem is often that the quality of the car charger is not good, the hardware buckle of the plug is too weak, and after repeated insertion and removal, it cannot recover enough elasticity. When the plug is inserted into the cigarette mouth, the elastic buckle is insufficient. It is not possible to make effective contact with the cigarette lighter, resulting in poor contact or even tight insertion.

Finally, the charging current of the car charger does not match the current of the charging device. This is an important factor affecting the charging effect. Many car owners do not know much about this charging current, so they are more casual in choosing the car charger. For example, the original charger for the iPad is 2A, but if you choose to charge with a 500mA or 1A current charger, the charging speed will definitely become very slow, even if your charger is new; there are also owners who want to charge speed With a charger larger than 2A, using a 2.5A or 3A or higher charger, then although the charging speed may be faster, it is risky in terms of safety.

So, what should we do about the slow charging of the car charger? Through the above analysis, we can know that when choosing a car charger, we must pay attention to the quality of the product, not to be cheap, especially the kind of three no products, can not get effective quality assurance, and even have security risks. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner of the car must choose a regular manufacturer when choosing. The car chargers of well-known brands rarely have such problems, and they are selected according to the needs of their own charging devices. Speed and charging safety are guaranteed.

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