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The Future Trend For Smartphone Data Cable—that Would Be USB Type C Charging CableAug 27, 2018

As technology advances and the acceleration of smartphone update, the demand for phone accessories products is also increasing, among which USB data cable develops the fastest and new products are coming out.


Nowadays, smart phone data cables have a high market share of the Micro USB interface. Many models like the OPPO R9s. vivo Xplay 6 and many other Android phones adopt this interface. However, the data cable of Type C interface have gradually become trends, especially after the Type C interface data cable standard comes out, the USB data cable industry will undergo a new round of changes.


Why type c USB cable will occupy a larger market and become a trend ?



The size of TYPE-C interface is more slim , more suitable for increasingly miniaturized computing devices.


2.Fast transmission

The maximum data transmission speed is 10Gbit per second, which is also the standard of USB3.1.



The Type c interface has no direction, it is reversible design, you can jam it into your USB Type-C-enabled devices freely without worrying about the orientation, it has greatly improving the usability of USB interface.


4.Strong power supply capability

USB3.1Type c interface can provide up to 100W power output. It can realize two-way power supply through Type c interface, which can charge the device itself and power the external equipment.


5.Strong scalability

Type C can transmit audio and video signals, and can be expanded to multiple audio output interfaces such as HDMI, DVI, and VGA, and can achieve 4K resolution expansion.


At present, more and more smart phone manufacturers adopt the TYPE C interface for their new Mobile phones. With the adoption of the Apple MacBook, it is believed that other manufacturers will continue to adopt them in the future, and the market share of Type C interface data lines will be further expanded.