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USB ChargerDec 12, 2016

Mentioned mobile phone charger you may think only of travel charger and charger, but found the market there are many hits on Chargers, introduced in addition to the previous hand-cranked charger, battery charger, but we found a more convenient USB cell phone charger.
USB charger mainly connect your phone to your computer's USB port, power provided by the USB port, and creative. Structure of the charger is very simple, no large transformers, model and data cables are the same, light a lot than the original charger, and is suitable for home, travelling, charge, the original can be thrown away.
Many of the MP3, mobile phones are now equipped with USB charger data as power cables, plugged to your computer automatically starts charging while equipped with transformer, output to the USB interface, can be charged for standard sockets of all appliances: such as the MP3 charger can charge a cell phone, has greatly facilitated the life of people.