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USB Charger Charger Out For A Long Time What HarmDec 12, 2016

Nokia's engineers found that phone over power 3/4 are due after the phone is fully charged, caused by user does not pull out USB charger plug. For a mobile phone charger, the power consumption is acceptable, currently has more than 600 million mobile phone users in China, if half of the people have this habit, the whole power waste is very large.
In addition, engineers believe that the phone does not pull out USB charger after charging, the charger is still in working condition, easy to aging charger, which pose a security risk, even in case of fire, explosion, electric shock and other accidents. It is worth mentioning that, after many cell-phone users recharge does not remove the bolt and go to work, or no one at home, leaving only the elderly and children either home, which exacerbates the possibility of unsafe factors in accidents, bring harm to his family.
So here recommend:
1, try to use the original USB charger
2 disconnect the charger, recharge after formation of habit
3, can buy a socket with switch, and smoothly after the recharge Jack off
4, USB charger away from flammable objects, such as beds, clothing, etc.