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Which Is The Safest Car Charger?Nov 17, 2018

As the standard of the car, the car charger has become a part of our life, but the safety problem of the car charger has occurred frequently. Recently, many website news reports are reported, which car charger burned the phone, even in the An explosion occurred while charging, and seeing such a report would inevitably make people nervous. So, is the current car charger safe? Next, let me introduce you to some of the more common car chargers on the market to see which one is the safest.

The car charger is a low-voltage product, and generally there is no unsafe factor for the human body. At this point, the "unsafe" of the car charger is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. High voltage breakdown car charger. Generally, the car battery is powered by 12-24V. When the car starts, there will be surge voltage. The 24V power supply model may generate more than 30V voltage instantaneously. At this time, the general quality car charger may be damaged due to excessive voltage.

2. The metal casing causes a short circuit. The metal casing has a good surface on the surface of the car charger. However, due to the tolerance of the car cigarette lighter, it is inserted in the cigarette lighter of some models. It may be caused by the metal casing being electrically conductive, causing the cigarette lighter to short-circuit and burn out the car insurance. .

3. Affect the car radio. Some fake and shoddy products will not be certified by the EU CE and the US FCC for electromagnetic compatibility. When working, they will produce more obvious interference signals, affecting the normal operation of audio and video systems such as car radios.

4. Using a low-efficiency chip, the car charger is very cheap, the performance of the chip is inferior, the conversion rate of electric energy is extremely low, most of the power is wasted, and the charging speed is also very slow.

We want to know which type of car charger is fast and safe to use, so it is not good to look at the outside, professional people need to look at the built-in chip of the car charger, the core is higher than the appearance, often the core It is an important factor in determining the speed of charging, such as a car charger with Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charge chip, and a car charger with a common chip, their charging time is definitely very different, so we are buying When you look at the product, you must look at the built-in chip of the car charger, instead of looking at the slogan of its promotion. Some manufacturers often claim to support fast charging in order to meet everyone's needs. In fact, many are ordinary car chargers. Does not have a fast charge function.