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RUNRAY 18650 USB Battery Portable Power Bank 2200mAh for Mobile Devices Ray-B018

RUNRAY 18650 USB Battery Portable Power Bank 2200mAh for Mobile Devices Ray-B018

Product Details

RUNRAY 18650 USB Battery Portable Power Bank 2200mAh for Mobile Devices Ray-B018

This is a portable mobile power supply for mobile devices. It is compact and lightweight, and requires no mains power when charging. It is ideal for traveling and traveling. Its high capacity provides enough power for smartphones. It can be used to charge the device anywhere.


Model no.Ray-B018
Input VoltageDC5V
Input current1A
Battery Capacity2200mA
Size98*28*22 MM
N.W.66 g
G.W.76.80 g


1.The mobility of portable mobile power means that the product can function in a mobile state (such as travel, meeting, charger is not around or inconvenient to charge), that is, anywhere (any location), anytime (any time) is not Limiting the power supply or charging of digital products, truly giving people a sense of realism, so that the quality of life and work can be improved. Especially to charge the phone is very convenient.

2.The versatility of a portable mobile power supply means that the product can fit the widest range of digital products. That is, mobile power can serve a variety of digital products such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, game consoles (PSP, etc.), Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, CD players, repeaters, digital camcorders, portable DVDs, and laptops. In fact, not only that, mobile power can be used on any USB On-the-Go (USB-OTG) compatible portable device (usb light, usb eye massager, usb electric coffee maker, etc.) via usb cable. The most convenient power supply for mobile.

Matters needing attention:

1.the output voltage of the mobile power supply must be within the range of 5.3V ± 0.5V, otherwise it can not charge some brands of mobile phones;

2.The transfer joint must be matched. The principle of using the mobile power product is to charge the digital device through the USB cable. The end of the cable with the USB interface is connected to the mobile power product, and the other end is connected to the digital device, so the interface at the other end is Must be consistent with the interface of the digital device, otherwise it will not be able to charge.

3.The mobile power supply should be handled in a dry environment. Rain, moisture, and various liquids or moisture can corrode electronic components and circuits.

4.The mobile power supply cannot be stored at high temperatures. High temperatures will shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries and age certain plastics.

5.You cannot throw and tap the mobile power supply in a rough way. Rough use can damage internal boards and precision machinery.