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Fabric Braided USB A to USB C Cable 2.0 Ray-CB029

Fabric Braided USB A to USB C Cable 2.0 Ray-CB029

Product Details

Fabric Braided USB A to USB C Cable 2.0 Ray-CB029 :

Product information:


USB   A to USB C cable

Item   No.:



Fabric   Braided Cable Cord+ Aluminum Connector Shell


5V   2.4A

Standard   Length:

1meter   (other length can be customized)

Copper   Wires inside:



High   Speed Charge and data transfer

Multiple   Colors:

Black,   Blue, Red, Gold, Pink, Silver, Grey, Purple, Brown, Silver+ Black, Orange+   Black….


2   years

OEM/ODM   service:



With a fabric-woven USB A to USB C cable 2.0 Ray-CB029, you'll keep your battery running at all times. This sleek, compact car charger features two USB-A ports for fast and safe 24 watt / 4.8 amp total output for charging devices, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. The charger is compatible and can charge mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and other devices, and the built-in LED status indicator lights up when the connected device is charging. It contains a 1.2-meter-long Belkin MIXIT↑ USB-A to USB-C cable for a wide coverage, even for passengers in the rear seat.


   1. Widely compatible

   2. No wrap design: high-quality flexible nylon woven fabric, easy to organize, avoid knotting or tangling

   3. Rugged and safe: high quality aluminum metal housing for extra protection and durability

   4. Fast charging

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