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DC5V/4.8A TPE Data Cable Black Ray-CB011

Product Details

DC5V/4.8A TPE Data Cable Black Ray-CB011 Details:


It is a DC5V / 4.8A TPE data cable usb charging data cable for iPhone / Android phones.TPE raw materials are currently the mainstream of production data lines, perfect for use in electronic equipment accessories (data lines, headphone cables, audio cables, etc.)

The rise of mobile devices, on the street in the subway bus, everywhere users can use mobile phones, ipad, laptop Internet and so on. Before listening to news reports, some people bought inferior mobile phone data lines were burned, or the phone was leaking when charging, etc., the data line of mobile devices has become a safety and environmental protection issue that people have been paying attention to. As an important component of electronic products, mobile phone data lines have high performance requirements and environmental protection requirements for raw materials, such as raw materials for data lines, and have specific requirements.


Product  Name

TPE Data Cable

Model  No.





DC 5V / 4.8A

Cable  length

1 meter


White, Red,Blue, Black.

Connection  Port

USB2.0 to Apple 8pin / Micro USB / Type-C for your option.


2 Years

Net  Weight:

28 grams

Gross  weight

57/32 grams

Cable  Specification




Carton  Size:


Packing  Quantity


Gross  Weight/CTN



For  ipad4, mini ipad, iPhone 5s/6/6S/6P/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X,Android mobile phones and other dominant  digital devices


Neutral PVC box/Clip

Product Features:

Among the mobile device accessory data line products, the most favored by the market is the TPE data line. For example, the iPhone mobile phone iPhone data cable uses TPE raw materials. Why are TPE data line materials popular in the market? TPE data line materials have the following characteristics:

1. TPE material has excellent processing performance and various colors in the blending area. The most common one on the market is white or light gray.

2. The data line made by TPE is smooth and non-sticky, and can reach the surface of the data line with frosted or delicate effect.

3. By formulating the formula of TPE, the aging resistance of the wire, the anti-yellowing UV performance and the service life of the product can be improved.

4. TPE raw materials are safe and non-toxic, do not cause irritation to human skin, do not contain toxic plasticizers, and are the best choice for replacing PVC wires.

5. TPE data line performance is stable, halogen-free flame retardant V0 level, which plays a big role in safety and environmental protection performance.

USB Cable advantage:


2.Fast charging

3. High speed & stable data transmission

4 Long lifetime

5. Environmentally friendly materials

6. Universal compatibility