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DC5V/4.8A TPE Data Cable Blue Ray-CB011

Product Details

DC5V/4.8A TPE Data Cable Blue Ray-CB011


Product Information:

Model  No.





DC 5V / 4.8A

Cable  length

1 meter


White, Red, Blue, Black.

Connection  Port

USB2.0 to Apple 8pin / Micro USB / Type-C for your option.


2 Years

Net  Weight:

28 grams

Gross  weight

57/32 grams

Cable  Specification


Carton  Size:



For  ipad4, mini ipad, iPhone 5s/6/6S/6P/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X,Android mobile phones and other dominant  digital devices


100 pieces per color



1. Perfect choice: 3 feet (1 meter) length, suitable for car or desk work, suitable length, space saving, keep it tidy. 2 package to ensure that you have different cable charging in different situations, such as at home, in the car , travel, office, etc.

2. Fast charging and high-speed data transmission: High-quality copper core wire and USB 3.0 have excellent fast charging and data transmission performance, which can help you save mobile phone charging time while saving copying time when transferring files between your devices

3. Rugged: Durable cable (outer diameter 4.5mm) with TPE housing designed to withstand daily stress, bending, twisting and pulling (5000+ bending test). Gold-plated contacts provide excellent electrical conductivity and stability.

4. High quality interface: The integrated nickel-plated connector makes the cable more durable. Our technical team has performed thousands of plug-and-pull tests to ensure that their service life is longer than normal cables and will not break.

5. Double-sided pluggable: The C-type connector integrates both sides symmetrically and can be inserted into both sides of the positive and negative sides, avoiding the trouble of finding a plug and providing stable charging and transmission.


1. A single powerful interface can also support data, audio and video, power.

2. (10G / S) / power (3 ~ 5A) / power (~ 100W) index significantly improved;

3. Reversible pluggable interface can be realized;

4.Robust EMI performance;

5.Downward is compatible with USB2.0 \ 3.0 \ USB PD, although the interface is different, but through switching

6. Supports miniaturization (only slightly larger than Micro USB) high-speed bidirectional data transmission, both channels can support 20G / S at the same time