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Metal Spring USB Date Cable Ray-CB018 Rose Gold

Product Details

Metal Spring USB Date Cable Ray-CB018 Rose Gold


 Product Information:

Model NumberRay-CB018 Rose Gold
UseiPhone / Android Mobile phonesUSB Type:Micro-USB
ColorRose Gold
FunctionCharging+Data Transfer
ConnectorStandard USB


1. High-quality nylon braided wire: The cable is made of durable nylon braid with high-quality aluminum casing and sturdy nylon fiber cover.

2. Smart Technology: Use a C-line to charge your MacBook, Samsung or other USB-C device via any mobile phone charger, portable charger or multi-port USB charger

3. Broad compatibility:Most USB Type-C devices,such as iPhone / Android Mobile phones

Product Manual:

1. the wire is made of PVC raw material, the wire diameter is 3.0mm, the outer woven nylon thread, the wear-resistant beauty is not knotted, the outer diameter of the wire is OD3.2mm. The data line is 100% fully tested. It meets the five criteria of Taobao, plugging test, swing test, pull test, salt spray test and PVC flame retardant test. [Other specifications require custom contact customer service]

2.the terminal quality material of the Android data cable is good, the contact is stable and durable, the Apple data cable adopts 5 material plug-in board integrated high-end terminals, compatible with the support upgrade without pop-up window, and the charging protection is stable.

3.the wire is a four-core wire, two charging cores and two data transmission cores, charging data transmission two in one, 21/0.1*2C+10/0.1*2c a total of 62 pure copper cores, a single copper core with a large Current standard, diameter 0.1MM (resolutely no need for copper-clad steel or recycled copper and other waste wire with a diameter of 0.06MM), true 2A fast charge data line. A single 27 grams or so.