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2.4A 2 USB DC12-24V Input Dual USB Ports Cell Phone Car Charger Ray-C006 Ray-AC006 Ray-AFC006 Ray-AUFC006

Product Details

2.4A 2 USB DC12-24v Input dual usb ports Cell Phone Car Charger


Input:12-24V DC

Material: Aluminum +stainless steel alloy

8 Colors available: black/white/gold/silver/red/blue/brown/purple.

Size: φ26mm*H64mm

N. W.:38g

Warranty :3 Years

Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC

Type of Car ChargersNormal Car ChargerSingle QC3.0  Car ChargerDual  QC3.0 Car Charger
With safety hammerWith aluminum alloy safety hammer
Model no.Ray-C006Ray-AC006Ray-AFC006Ray-AUFC006

Version 1:
Output 1:5V-2.4A
Output 2:5V-1A Power:15W
Version 2:
Output 1: 5V-3.1A
Output 2:5V-1A

Output (QC 3.0): 5V 3A/ 9V 2.0A / 12V 1.5A
Output: 5V 3.1A


Output (QC 3.0): 5V 3A/9V 2.0A /12V 1.5A
for iPhone/iPhone 3G/3GS/iPhone 4/5/6/6Plus/7/7Plus, iPod series or other cell phones, table PCs, MP3, other dominant digital products
Features for QC3.0 car chargers:
QC 3.0-The newest QUALCOMM quick charge charger agreement
1. Allowing 200mv Step voltage increment rather than QC 2.0’S 5/9/12V step voltage
a. Compatible with QC 2.0
2. The main advantage of QC 3.0 is to optimize DC/DC efficiency of the mobile phone
a. Eliminate heat producing problem during the switch of the voltage under QC 2.0 agreement.
b. QC 3.0 can not only remove DC/DC converter of the phone, but also simplify the structure of wireless charger.
ue to voltage difference, when comparing with QC 2.0, by using QC 3.0, the efficiency will be improved, calorific value will be decreased and charging time will be reduced. (according to what QUALCOMM tells, By using QC 3.0, its efficiency is 38% higher, charging speed is 27% faster and heat producing is 45% lower than QC 2.0’s. Within around 35min, one classic mobile phone in no electricity can be 80% charged).



Advantages of Car Chargers

1. Line loss compensation: Output voltage will be improved automatically when charged by large amount of current, at the same time the pressure drop of the wire can be compensated, which decreases the bad influence of line resistance.

2. Automatically recognize the type of charging devices and the most appropriate maximum charging current will be selected automatically for the devices. The charging devices are being well protected; in the meantime, time of charging is reduced as well as charging efficiency is raised. Offer 2.4A highest output current,needs only 1.5 hours to fully charge your iphoneplus.

3. Patent for utility models has been applied. With the shock absorber function, it can avoid the bad contact caused by vibrations between the car charger and the cigar-lighter when the car is running.

4. The shrapnel of the car charger is made from alloy with memory function, which can recovery itself for millions times. 0.6mm thick shrapnel is much thicker than those of 0.3-0.5mm on the market. What's more, stiffened structure has been strengthened; intensity and rigidity of product have been approved which avoid the distortion caused by non uniform stress.

5. The function of the safety hammer

With 201 stainless steel material, the hammer has high hardness and rigidity. Extreme hard metal alloy materials were adopted to use in the head of the hammer which can allow you to smash the windows glass easily. It is really a life preserver in emergency.

6. Excellent heat dissipation

The material of the shell is 6030 aluminum, all-mental. Without any splicing, it is integrally molded by stamping of the machine tool. The speed of heat dissipation is high enough to protect the cigar-lighter.

7. Inboard indicator light is placed around the USB port of the car charger. You can feel free to plug in or pull out your devices precisely in reduced light conditions.

8. The core technology of the car charger

The circuit board is made of FR-2 full glass fiber board, fire-proof material with high-adhesive force copper foil.

With the newest Synchronous rectifier IC, the efficiency is up to 94%. Because of low electronic ripple, the devices won't be disturbed when being charged. No bounce and stuck of the mobile screen when you use the phone. 

Patents&Certificates:  All of  Car chargers pass CE,ROHS FCC certificate and are with the Patent issued by China government.


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