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2.4A Dual USB Car Charger with Emergency Hammer Quick Charging Travel Charger with Shock Absorbor Function Ray-C017 Ray-AC017 Ray-AFC017 Ray-AUFC017

Product Details


Input:12-24V DC

Material: Aluminum +stainless steel alloy

8 Colors available: black/white/gold/silver/red/blue/brown/purple.

Size: φ34mm*H63mm

N. W.:51g

Warranty :3 Years

Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC



1.Fast and safe charging

With USB charging interface, charging is faster and safer, suitable interface, suitable current

2.Smart chip

Double intelligent IC short circuit protection, with current limiting, overheating, short circuit full function protection, charging fast and safe

3.Superior compatibility

Full support for more than 95% of branded mobile phones on the market, IPHONE, IPAD, digital electronic products, etc.

4.EMC test

(In-vehicle electronic product RF interference test) Clean power supply, no interference to audio and video, constant frequency, no noise

5.Aluminum alloy casing, lifesaving safety hammer

The top is tapered and can be used as an escape hammer for emergency situations.

Matters needing attention

  1. Do not insert the car charger before the car starts, so as not to damage the car charger when the car starts.

  2. Please pull out the car charger after use or after the car is turned off.

  3. When using it, do not use a strong detergent such as strong chemicals to clean the charger.

  4. The car will be heated during use. At normal room temperature, it is normal for the heat to not exceed 40 degrees C.

  5. Do not use the car charger for electronic products that exceed the charging specifications. When two USB ports are used at the same time, it is recommended that the total amount of batteries charged within 1000mA be within the normal use range, so as to avoid any problems caused by the specifications.