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Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Charger For Apple And Android Devices With Tungsten Steel Safety Hammer Ray-ACFM001

Product Details

Bluetooth FM transmitter Car Charger for Apple and Android Devices with tungsten steel safety hammer

Product Information:

Model no.Ray-ACFM001
Materialaluminum alloy
CertificationCE FCC


1. The output voltage is automatically increased during high current charging, which can reduce the adverse effects of line resistance.

2. Automatically identify the type of charging device, select the most suitable maximum charging current for the device, so it can protect the device very well, at the same time, reduce the charging time and improve the charging efficiency.

3. With shock absorption

4. The car charger's shrapnel is made of alloy with memory function and can be restored millions of times.

5. With a safety hammer, you can easily break the window to escape in an emergency.

6. The heat dissipation performance is good enough to protect the cigarette lighter.

7. With built-in indicator light, you can accurately insert or remove the device in low light conditions.

8. Use FR-2 full glass fiber board, fireproof material and high-viscosity copper foil to make the circuit board.


1. All of our car chargers are CE, ROHS FCC certified and patented by the Chinese government.

2. We provide 3 year warranty and OEM service is acceptable.

3. We can provide technical design and solutions, provide professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract, and supply accessories at any time.

4.We have experienced staff and friendly after-sales service team