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New Bluetooth FM Transmitter Dual USB In Car Charger Ray-ACFM018

Product Details

New Bluetooth FM Transmitter Dual USB in Car Charger


This is a new Bluetooth dual USB car charger, the new design breaks the original limitations. The new Bluetooth feature supports hands-free calling for all smart Bluetooth phones, along with an MP3 music player that lets you play the music you want in the car. In addition, the Bluetooth FM Transmitter allows you to intelligently find the location of your car, as well as locate and find parking spaces through a specific mobile app.


Model No.Ray-ACFM018
TypeElectric, Car Charger
Socket Type2- port USB
Output 15V-3.4A
Output 25V-1A
CertificateCE FCC ROHS


1. Dual port car charger with CE / Rohs / FCC certified fast car charger Bluetooth

2. Built-in safety measures protect your equipment from overcurrent, overheating and overcharging

3. The latest release, new design, beautiful car charger

4. Built-in IC chip and safety fuse car charger

5. Ultra-compact: convert the unused 12V / 24V socket in the car into 2 powerful USB charging ports, flush with the port edge

6. Universal compatibility: for all USB powered devices, including Android and Apple smartphones and tablets


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