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GPS Main Features Of Multi-function Car Charger Ray-ACFM020

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Hot selling GPS Main Features of Multi-function Car Charger


This is a car charger with GPS positioning function, which can realize real-time tracking, historical track playback, parking point inquiry, crash alarm, overspeed alarm and geofence alarm. It has a monitoring platform and can access the platform through mobile phone and computer. And provide mobile phone APP download, easy to locate, for young people like to play microblogging and self-driving tour, add a "share" button on the mobile phone side, you can choose the driving track for a period of time, used to share with friends, very practical .


Product NameDual USB Car Charger With Bluetooth FM Transmitter
Model No.Ray-ACFM020
Material100% Aluminum alloy housing+Second generation aluminum alloy diamond safety hammer
Warranty3 Years
CertificatesCE, RoHS, FCC
Colors availableblack/white/gold/silver/red/blue/brown/purple


1. Universal compatibility.

2. Car Locator: Automatically record your parking location.

3. Parking reminder and find location, when you park, the parking clock can help you avoid overtime parking tickets.

4. Dual USB port will automatically identify various brands of mobile phones/tablets, automatically select and output the best charging current.


1. Plug the USB power adapter into the cigarette lighter inside the car. When the indicator light is on, charge it.

2. Use the USB cable and adapter to connect your phone, MP3 or standard USB interface product to the car USB power adapter to charge it.