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5V 3.4A Universal Usb Wall Charger UK Plug Ray-RC002

Product Details

5V 3.4A Universal Usb Wall Charger UK Plug Ray-RC002:


The USB charging multi-function combination socket can meet the electricity demand of modern people in the power supply combination more than the traditional socket. This socket integrates a common power outlet and a USB power socket, which combines AC power and DC power supply to power both ordinary appliances and USB interface appliances.

The purpose of designing this product is to make it easier for modern people to live in electrical appliances. Nowadays, a large number of small-sized electrical devices, such as mobile phones, cameras and mobile entertainment products, are all charged by USB interface, requiring an external converter or a special special charging device, and the application of the USB charging multi-function socket can save these The conversion equipment is very suitable for modern life, making charging easier and more convenient, and can save a lot of trouble.


Product parameters:

TypeNormal High  Speed Qualcomm QC 3.0 Quick Charge

Normal  Fast Charging Wall Charger with 2 USB Ports or 3 USB ports, CE Mark, 3 Years  WarrantyQualcomm  QC 3.0 Quick Charge USB wall charger white color, CE Mark, 3 Years Warranty
1. 2 USB port or 3 USB ports
2. Input: 100-240V/AC, 50/60Hz
3. Output: 3.4A max
USB 2:DC5V 2.4A

1.  1 USB Port
2. Input Voltage:AC100-240V ,50-60HZ
3. Output (QC 3.0):DC5V 3A/9V 2A/12V 1.5A
PlugChina plug,USA plug, Australian plug, UK  plug,EU plug available
SizeAustralian plug:66.8*37.61*33mm
China/USA plug:66.5*38*33mm
EU plug:87*38*33mm
UK plug:81*48.5*44.5mm
PackingOur neutral blister package or customized OEM  Package
Guarantee3  years
Payment  terms:T/T, Western Union 

Product Features

1, creatively combine the ordinary power socket with the USB DC power socket, eliminating the trouble of carrying a USB charger or using a computer USB power supply

2, simple and stylish, international popular tough line design perfectly interprets modern aesthetics, suitable for all decorative styles

3, the panel is made of imported high quality PC material, high toughness, high impact, strong flame retardant performance

4, the socket copper piece uses high quality tin phosphor bronze, high strength, good elasticity, no deformation, high conductivity

5. The USB protection door that can be opened not only protects the USB interface, but also is a USB power switch. Turn on the protection door to turn on the USB charging power, turn off the USB power when it is off, and save no-load power consumption.

6, socket hole protection door, double protection door design, prevent unipolar insertion, protect family safety

7, low power LED charging indicator

8, with a multi-function 220V socket, can be used with plugs around the world